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Pinehurst Real Estate

A delightful lady who has worked at the historic Pinehurst Hotel, now known as The Carolina, answers the phone “It’s a beautiful day in Pinehurst.  How can I help you?”  And every day, she is right!  It is a beautiful day in Pinehurst!  The Longleaf Pines and Magnolia trees help to create a healthy and charming atmosphere.  The people , the golf, the restaurants, the  pubs, the shopping , the race track, and the outstanding hospital are some of the reasons that people are drawn to Pinehurst.  

I still remember the first time I stumbled into the Village of Pinehurst many years ago and thought that I had returned to small village in Europe.  And now as I drive through the is town I call home, I am so very grateful to be a Realtor in such a beautiful and safe community.

The 8 golf courses that are threaded through the neighborhoods provide not only world class golf but a stunning vista throughout the year. Pinehurst has been the home of major golf tournaments for many, many year.  In 1999 and again in 2005, the Men’s US Open was played.  In 2014, the Men’s US Open followed by the Women’s US Open will be played.  Two U S Open’s in the same summer!

The stately Longleaf Pines provide the backdrop of green as the seasons change color.  The Fair Barn with its surrounding horse track is another piece of the historic side of charm and grace of Pinehurst. From the azaleas and dogwoods in the spring to the Carriage rides, and the Gingerbread recreations at The Carolina at Christmas, it’s a good life in Pinehurst!